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Frequently Asked Questions

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You’ll take an online assessment consisting of clinically derived questions that ask about your symptoms. After completing the assessment, you’ll be given a telephone number to call to speak with a One Health representative to facilitate your registration and set up your initial appointment. One Health employs a thoughtful matching process, by which you’ll be linked with a coaching whose skill set fits best with your described needs.

Yes. The One Health life coach has a standard contract with clauses and amendments designed to reflect how coaching services will be provided to meet your needs.

You and your life coach will determine how often sessions occur. There is no predetermined frequency. How often you meet with your life coach is up to you and the coach. Sessions can occur once or twice each week, once every two weeks, or according to some other agreed upon frequency based on your needs.
Sessions are paid for in advance and run from 30 to 90 minutes. If you, as the client, want more time, you can pay for the additional time accordingly. One Health also offers group sessions which may run longer. This will be determined by you and your coach.
The first session gives you, and your life coach, a chance to get to know one another and develop a plan of action. It also gives you a chance to decide if you think life coaching and the life coach with whom you were linked is a good fit for you.
Absolutely. Consider the major issues you’re dealing with and the challenges you need to overcome. Understanding the areas, you’ll want to focus on will give your life coach a general idea as to where to begin. Sessions are controlled by you. Meaning, it is up to you, as the client, to determine what you want to discuss each session. Most sessions are a continuation of the previous session and together you and your coach will build on strategies developed based on results from having implemented them. The get you moving forward on the right track and in a positive direction.

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